Surface General Cleaning

Keeping your home spotless and dust-free at all times is a difficult chore. No matter how much you try, there will still be some stains and blemishes left, which you can’t clean unless you have acquainted yourself with the right people who know how to get the job done. WJDindustrial, upon whom a good part of Philippine’s residents relies, should be your first pick.

Personalized cleaning

We provide standard service check-ups as daily, weekly, and monthly packages where you can avail of tailor-made cleaning services accommodated to your needs and working schedule.

Affordable rates

We allow you to experience a cleaner and healthier home with competitive market rates.

Creating Healthier Homes and Facilities

We clean everything with sheer honesty and attention to detail and try our level best in leaving every corner of your home spotless and clean. Our general surface cleaning is not just limited to homes and residential apartments; we also provide our services for offices and large-scale facilities. Our surface general cleaning include;

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Our technicians treat your home with utmost care. However, if anything gets broken or damaged during the process, the company will pay for all the damages.

It mainly depends upon the size of your home, typically 2 – 3 professionals can take care of all your cleaning needs.

The rates mentioned for each service are inclusive of transportation.

In case of any additional services you require, please inform us prior to the arrival of technicians.