Taski Viewquick

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No-Rinse, Non-Dulling General Purpose Cleaner.

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TASKI View Quick is a concentrated, general purpose cleaner containing a blend of nanionic and anionic surfactants for effective cleaning. TASKI View Quick Cleaner will remove all types of soild from hard surfaces and effectively cleans floors without harming the floor finish! Dilute at 1:60 for light cleaning, 1:40 for medium cleaning and 1:20 for heavy cleaning. One (1) liter of this highly cost-effective no-rinse, neutralcleaner will cover 660 to 2,000 sqm.


  • Versatile and Convenient to Use

Multi Purpose, for use on the floors,walls, tables, and any washable surface. Can be used with a mop and bucket, with an automatic scrubber, or a spray bottle.

  • Economical

Concentrated liquid, dilutable with water depending on the type of soil to be cleaned.

  • Free Rinsing

No need to rinse, even when applying finish an a freshly mopped floor. Just mop, pick up the dirt, let dry and apply the finish, Saves you time and labor.

  • Non-Dulling

Effectively removes dirt and soils without leaving residues that can be dull the shine. So it leaves the surface sparkling clean.

  • Pleasing Fragrance

It leaves the surface clean and smelling fresh.


  • For normal cleaning, dilute Taski View Quick Cleaner at 1:40 with water. For light cleaning and when using Taski View Quick Cleaner with an automatic scrubber, dilute at 1:60 with water.
  • Apply to surfaces to be cleaned. Pick up dirt and let dry. No rinsing is necessary.
  • Note: When cleaning floors, dilute cleaner with cool water to avoid damaging the floor finish.



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