Taski Snapback

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Spray buffing product that enhances the appearance of worn water-based floor finishes.

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A spray buffing product that enhances the apperance of worn water based floor finishes. Taski Snapback produces a brilliant gloss whilst removing cuffs, scratches and dirt in swing or cord electric buff floorcare systems.


  • Cleans and shines.
  • Removes scuffs, scratches, and dirt.
  • Can be used as a spraybuff, as a buff restorer/cleaner.
  • Does not build up over time.
  • Can be used through an autoscrubber, mopped-on or in a trigger spray bottle.
  • Maintenance speed: 500 – 1500rpm.



Spray Buff

  1.  Dust Mop or sweep to remove any dust or dirt.
  2. Clean floor with Diversey cleaner diluted in cold water according to label directions. Allow floor to dry completely before spray buffing.
  3. Spray a light mist of TASKI Snapback diluted 200ml per litre (1:4) with cold water unto the floor. Do not over wet the floor.
  4. Buff the floor using an approved pad with a low speed swing machine.

Mop and Bucket

  1. Dust mop or sweep the floor to remove dust or dirt.
  2. Dilute 15ml per litre (1:60) of Taski Snapback to cold water. Mop floor clean with Taski Snapback. Pick up soil and excess cleaner with a tightly wrung-out cleaning mop. Do not rinse the floor after cleaning.
  3. Allow the floor to dry completely.
  4. For best appearance burnish the floor with a high-speed cord electric machine.

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