Taski Over and Under

SKU: D63515

Sealer for Resilient Floors.

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A water emulsion sealer-undercoater containing exclusive Diversey polymers and metal interlocks. It fills pores of the floor, levels off the hills and valleys, and bonds tightly to the floor providing a highly detergent resitant base coat for all Diversey floor finishes, buffable or non-buffable.


  • Properties and preserves the floor againts wear, spillage, penetration of dirt and black heel marks; provides added gloss floor finish; retards plasticizer migration.
  • Saves material cost, floor finisher can be stripped without removing Taski Over and Under.
  • Will not discolor floor surfaces.



Restores the surface of a badly worn floor, as well as providing a durable protective base coat on new resilient floors such as asphalt, vinyl asbestor, vinyl rubber or on hard surface floors such as ceramic,quarry tile and slate.



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