Go Getter

SKU: D59128

A Bactericidal toilet bowl cleaner and urinal cleaner.

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A non-fuming, heavy duty liquid toilet bowl and urinal cleaner and disinfectant containing 12% hydrochloric acid the level established to be effective enough for the cleaning job yet safe for handling and storage. The use of exclusive Go Getter swab works into inaccessible areas while the cone guard protects against splashing on skin and permits wringing without the solution coming in contact with hands.


  • Industrial Grade – Heavy Duty

Specifically formulated to quickly and effectively remove tough build ups of rust, stains, lime and scale, hard water deposits, and uric asid salts. When applied full strenght, it dissolves soil build ups under the rims and other hard to reach areas enabling them to be rinsed away.

  • Viscous Product

With improved sheeting action, the product covers the entire toilet bowl annd urinal surfaces, clinging ion the surface longer and allowing more time for the product to penetrate and remove all the filth, slime and stain.

  • Optimum Acid Level

Does not damage the porcelain surface of toilet bowls and urinals unlike strong acid cleaners. It is tough on dirt yet gentle on surfaces.

  • Disinfectant

Killing a wide range of odor and disease-causing germs and bacteria, which may be harboring inside toilet bowls and urinals.

  • Pleasantly Scented

Unlike other acid cleaners, it has a fresh fragrance that leaves urinals and toilet bowls smelling fresh and clean.

  • Economical

Because it is thick, you do not lose the solution down the drain. It stays longer on the surfaces minimizing wastage.

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