Dyna Shine Sealer Wax

SKU: D78449

High-performance emulsion floor wax.

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Highly Performance emulsion sealer wax. It applies easily, dries quickly and levels readily giving a high gloss. This sealer wax requires little maintenance and provides a long lasting shine. Just apply two coats which provode the gloss and durability of three or more coats of conventional finish, with lower solid content maintenance is easy. It can be wet – mopped with detergent solution, dry buffed or spray burnished to keep it gleaming. Fewer strippings and recoatings with polish and required, resulting with tremendous saving in labor and chemical jobs. Dyna Shine helps protect and beautify vinyl, vinyl asbestos, terrazo and sealed wood floors. It is guaranteed to contain at least 20% solids.


  • Old polish coating are to be stripped with wax stripper and black nylon pads, the floor surface is then thoroughly rinsed with clean water, preferably thrice. Complete stripping and rinsing ensurres the best possible shine and durability of this product.
  • After the floor dried, a full uniform coat of Dyna Shine is applied, the second coat is preferably applied in a perpendicular direction to the first, after an hour.
  • Dyna Shine can be maintained with regular spray buffing and polishing.



  • Avoid eye contact and prolong skin contact.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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