Better Life with Better Cleaning We are equipping your cleaning arsenal with
world-class cleaning products to pave
the way for a healthier, cleaner, and thriving
We are the Philippine's top-rated products suppliers,
making your job easier, with products made specifically
to cater to your cleaning needs.

Be it wood floor, marble top, or industrial surfaces, our top-rated, tried, and tested products are tailored to fight stains, grease, scratches, bacteria, and disease and enhance the hygiene of your commercial, industrial or residential environment.

Empowered by more than 19 years of experience in the cleaning industry at the WJD industrial, we know all there is to know about the nitty-gritty of commercial, domestic, and industrial cleaning.

Our product line is a manifestation of our experience that we gained and the knowledge that we gathered over our years of offering top-rated cleaning services. We have condensed all that we have learned over the years into our products to help you enjoy international-standard cleaning, sanitization, and unmatched satisfaction that comes with the use of our products.

Our products are:

  • • Easy to use
  • • Offer guaranteed results and satisfaction
  • • Have a convenient buying and prompt delivery process.

Our Line of Products

Our range of cleaning products is diversified, catering to a wide variety of situations and providing environment-specific solutions. Our line of products are classified as:

Janitorial Cleaning Materials

All the materials you need to keep your commercial, residential, and industrial surfaces shining and free from viruses and bacteria.

Janitorial Cleaning Equipment

Give your cleaning routine a much-needed boost with equipment designed to take the burden off your hands and offer top-notch cleaning with little effort.

Janitorial Cleaning Chemicals

Some stains can be stubborn, but you can enjoy a thorough, quick, and in-depth cleaning routine without too much of scrubbing with our cleaning chemicals.  

Some stains can be stubborn, but you can enjoy a thorough, quick, and in-depth cleaning routine without too much of scrubbing with our cleaning chemicals.  

Are you ready for an unprecedented cleaning experience? Check out our products now!

Why We are Better?

Prompt Delivery

We know you rely on your cleaning supplies. So, we don’t keep you waiting for too long. All the products you buy from our website are promptly packed and delivered to your address as soon as logistically possible.

Quality Guaranteed

We have worked hard to build a reputation in the cleaning industry, and we cannot afford to tarnish it by shipping sub-standard products. So, our quality and your satisfaction with the results of our product are guaranteed.

Comprehensive Product Listing

On the WJD website, you can find every cleaning product that you need.

We aim to cater to all the cleaning needs of our customers. Therefore, we strive to make our product listing as comprehensive as possible. And stock a wide range of products, from cleaning cloths to buffers, Hydrogen Peroxide to Bleach, and even sealer wax.

Product Integrity Maintained

You don’t want your cleaning chemicals delivered, leaking, half in the bottle, rest drained into the packaging plastic. No one does.

We always deploy appropriate packaging and delivery options to ensure your products get to you with their integrity intact.

Ordering from us, you can rest easy knowing your products will be delivered safely with every drop of the sanitary goodness preserved. 

Reasonable Prices

We aim to make world-class cleaning products accessible for our Filipinos. And in pursuance of this aim, we have priced all our products reasonably so everyone can afford good cleanliness, health, and happiness.

Your Shopping Process

Your shopping process at our website comprises three steps and is as simple as it can get.

Step 1: Browsing

You browse through our comprehensive and diverse product list and spot the products you need.

Step 2: Add to Cart

You check out the product description. It matches your requirements. You add the product to your cart and continue shopping.

Step 3: Check Out

Once your shopping is complete, you check out with your products, enter your delivery details and other required information so we can deliver the products to you.

The preferred choice of Filipino
for first-class residential and commercial
cleaning products.

Better Life with Better Cleaning

WJDindustrial is a certified cleaning company committed to providing a cleaner,
healthier, and safer environment to the masses.

Better Life with Better Cleaning

"WJD Industrial Trade" is a certified cleaning company committed to providing a cleaner,
healthier, and safer environment to the masses.

The preferred choice of Filipino
for first-class residential and commercial
cleaning products.

Better Life with Better Cleaning

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    Reliable and Quality Cleaning Services,
    Customized to Your Needs

    With more than 19 years of extensive experience in the cleaning business, WJDindustrial has established itself as the market leader in providing trustworthy and effective cleaning solutions for residential and industrial spaces in the Philippines.

    WJDindustrial is famous for delivering personalized and quality cleaning services conforming to the highest industry standards and according to clients' needs. From deep-scale disinfection and sanitization of your home to standard carpet cleaning of your workplace, we can take care of everything swiftly and professionally.

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    Offering the Finest Cleaning Solutions for You

    WJDindustrial is home to well-trained and skilled professionals who go above and beyond in looking after their client’s housekeeping needs. Using modern technology and advanced methodologies, we serve our customers with extensive services, including;

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    Why Choose Us

    Providing Affordable, Reliable, and Swift Cleaning at Your Doorstep

    Our dedication to delivering unique cleaning solutions for our customers has played a significant factor in becoming their foremost preference. By cleaning every nitty-gritty of your place, we ensure that you have a healthful and comfortable environment. Our specialties include:

    Personalized Cleaning Services

    We provide personalized cleaning services to our customers depending upon their household requirements, budget, and schedule. Our crew can adapt to whatever works the best for you.

    Skilled Technicians

    WJDindustrial is home to well-trained and experienced professionals who can tell you the type of cleaning your home needs through a visual inspection. Our technicians, apart from being apt in operating the advanced machinery, are also friendly and amiable.

    Affordable Solutions

    We genuinely feel for our clients and do our utmost best to provide quality cleaning solutions at convenient rates. We live by the motto that says, "We clean your home, not your wallet."

    Your Booking Process

    Follow three simple steps to avail of our services right now!

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    Step 3: A Clean Home is a Happy Home

    Say hello to a spotless house!

    Our Mission

    Our mission at the WJD industrial is to equip you with all the materials, equipment, and chemicals you need for a thorough, in-depth, and highly satisfactory cleaning job in the industrial, commercial, and residential environment alike.

    With our products, we aim to make it easier and more affordable for you to access high-quality cleaning equipment and products and work for a healthier community.

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